FROTH – Melbourne’s FREE Craft Magazine

beer-1607001_640 We have been offering out FREE issues of FROTH to our customers.

If you haven’t seen or read about this monthly magazine do not hesitate to check it online. In Town there are heaps of places where you can pick up your free copy or you can hop onto their subscription page on their somewhat flash website and subscribe there.

Now our customers roughly fall into three categories – a. workers (this is an industrial area) and b. business owners (bottle shop/bar/club) and all these good folks have family and friends – c.referrals. For some reason CRAFT BEER has become a hot topic roughly criticized mostly by some grouchy old guys but don’t be put off.

The whole movement towards craft beer has been flourishing worldwide for years. At least in Victoria we have had our Liquor Regulations revised over the years to suit breweries/distilleries/wineries sales.

If you are interested to learn more or you have already dabbled and are keen to see the competition get your copy now!

When you check out FROTH look at the back Issues – heaps of pure gold in the articles!


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