Brandy Day

Black Bottle Brandy  So, think South Australia grape industry…

BLACK BOTTLE’s Classic Brandy is a wonderful addition to any Liquor Cabinet or Bar.

Australian Brandy has a flavour all its own; you will be most glad for the two years soaking in hogshead oak casks and careful blending that has won awards for Black Bottle Distilling PL, Renmark S.A.

Bottles that have been given decoration delight me and Classic Brandy does not lose points here. 700 ml 37.1 ALC/VOL and marching in at approx. 20 Standard Drinks what more can you ask for?

Another nice touch* is the SAVOUR THE MOMENT Drink Responsibly sticker. More people will will reuse this embossed bottle that tossing in a bin I’m sure.


Published by slygrogclub

I live and work in a warehouse located in one of Melbourne's northern industrial suburbs. Our family business requires me to wear many hats and is a 24/7 situation. My main job is creating/publishing advertising content both on and off the internet. My main hobby away from work is researching anything that interests me. I have also been a lifetime artist of sorts, self taught mostly.

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